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The Law Office of T. J. Mullin handles consumer bankruptcy only,

which means we focus our time and considerable experience onto one area: you. 

We do not represent banks, loan companies, credit card companies, landlords or government agencies. We represent individuals who need to file bankruptcy to get a fresh start that Congress intended for them to have when the bankruptcy laws were established.

If you feel like you are getting further and further behind, that you are being pressured by creditors seeking to seize your money or property, and are looking to get a fresh start so you no longer need to worry about calls, letters, law suits, seizures of all types and other collection activity, then our office can help.

The loss of a job, followed by a lengthy period of unemployment, and in many cases finding a new job at a much lower salary, is today’s primary reason for falling behind financially.  Medical bills not covered by insurance, and the expenses of a divorce involved in setting up two households instead of one, are other prime factors.

We do not believe that companies offering stopgap measures, such as ‘cleaning up your credit report’ and attempting to lower amounts due on a particular debt, are in any way effective.  Your legal rights under the Bankruptcy Code has the capability of handling all your debts using the law, not negotiation.

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How it Works

The first step is to get our brochure. You can download it here or call and we will send one to you in the mail if you prefer.

It is crucial that you assemble the information requested. Without it, Mr. Mullin cannot properly advise you. We can compare this to a visit to your doctor—would you refuse to tell him your symptoms, and make him guess at your illness? Hopefully not. We need your facts (symptoms) in order to cure your problem (illness). Once you have filled out the brochure, and gathered the documents requested, call for an appointment. We can usually see you within a day or two of your call.

Your first meeting with Mr. Mullin will take approximately one hour. Mr. Mullin will review your information with you, ask for additional information as needed, and then outline your remedies. We generally run on time but occasionally, the client before you will have a more complicated case than normal. Mr. Mullin would never rush any client. If you do have to wait, which happens rarely, we know you will understand, realizing that if you need more time with Mr. Mullin than planned for, you will get it.

Typically, you will need to gather more information or documents. Once you have supplied those to us, and paid the fees, we will need 7 to 10 days to prepare your case. You will be notified by letter to call for an appointment to sign your papers. You will meet with Mr. Mullin again, review the documents and execute them. This takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Your case will be filed on the next filing date.

The Court then sets your hearing, within six to seven weeks of your signing your papers. We will give you at least two weeks notice of this date so you can arrange your schedule. This should be your only Court hearing, although once in a great while a second appearance is needed. We have no choice of the Court date. If you cannot or do not make that date, there are additional fees incurred for rescheduling your appearance.

You will receive your discharge order from the Court, which is the official Court Order freeing you from liability on all of your dischargeable debts four to five months after the hearing.

Currently two debtor education classes must be taken – one before you file and one after your file but before you get your discharge. We will give the information about these classes. They can be taken on the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or by telephone if you prefer. The telephone option takes longer as you will need to schedule a time for a telephone class. The cost of these classes is included in your fees paid to our office so you will not be charged for additional classes directly.


Our fees, which include all court costs and the debtor education classes, are $1,200 for a single individual, or $1,400 for a married couple. Fees are $50 per person higher for certain counties such as St. Charles, Lincoln, and Warren. This assumes you are a standard consumer case. For individuals who own and operate their own business (or previously did so), fees may be higher. We will need to discuss that with you when you come in for your appointment. Cases which are heard in Hannibal or Cape Girardeau are more costly due to the extra travel time involved. Again we will discuss that with you when you come in for your appointment.             

You may pay the fees in whatever manner you wish. However due to the requirements of the law, all fees much be paid in full prior to filing of the case. You may bring all the fees with you when you come in or a partial payment. Payment must be by cash, money order or cashier’s check. Due to issues involved with the bankruptcy code, we cannot accept personal checks or charge cards.  If you cannot pay in full at your first appointment, you may mail or bring in future payments. 


What debts will my bankruptcy handle?

1. Do I have to list all of my creditors?

Yes, the bankruptcy law requires that you list all creditors. This includes the IRS, student loans, your car(s) and home loans, family members, your doctor and other people you want to pay despite filing bankruptcy. Failure to list them originally will result in your having to add them by an amendment, which will result in additional fees.

2. Can I keep my home and/or my vehicle(s)?

Yes. You may keep your home and/or auto, by reaffirming the debt. You continue to make the payments as you did before. As long as you do so (and keep the property insured), the lender will not be able to foreclose or repossess the property. Your lender does not want the house or auto. They want their payments.

3. Can I get rid of taxes due?

Most times, if the taxes owed are over 3 years old, and you filed them on time, they may be discharged. Some taxes are not covered. We will discuss this at your appointment.

4. Can I get rid of my student loans?

No. Congress gave ‘special status’ to student loan providers, and these loans cannot be wiped out in a bankruptcy.

5. Can I get rid of traffic tickets or other fines?

No. Such fines will still need to be paid or a bench warrant can be issued against you. You should not ignore such tickets or municipal violations.

6. Will this stop a garnishment?

Yes. Once your case is filed, we will notify the lawyer who has requested the garnishment. They will stop the garnishment. Money taken after the filing date will be returned to you. Money taken prior to filing will be retained by the creditor.

7. Will this stop a lawsuit?

Yes. Upon filing bankruptcy, all collection activity must stop and this includes pending lawsuits. We will advise the attorney who is suing you and he or she will discontinue such activity.

8. If I list my medical bills, will my doctor(s) still treat me?

First, you must list all your debts, including medical. Medical bills are a common reason for filing bankruptcy and they are no different than any other debt. A doctor has no obligation to treat anyone, so only your doctor can tell you whether or not he /she will continue to treat you. Our experience has found that most doctors are understanding if you explain your situation.

9. Can I get rid of Pay-Day loans?

Yes. They are no different than other creditors, so you must list them. During your first appointment, I will more fully explain how they are handled.

10. How do I find out all of my debts?

Organization is needed. Dedicate a place in your home where all bills are put for a few months. You will then see whom you owe. You can get some help with this by obtaining a credit report, although this is not foolproof.

11. Do you get my credit report?

No. You can get a credit report to help you prepare your list. You are entitled to one free credit report per year

and you may access this information on the internet by going to the Federal Trade Commission’s website.

Why T. J. Mullin

The Law Offices of T. J. Mullin were established in 1976 in Clayton, Missouri, after Mr. Mullin left active duty with the U. S. Army.  Mr. Mullin operated the Legal Assistance Office for the U. S. Military personnel assigned duty in the St. Louis area. Mr. Mullin realized there was a need for someone to provide consumer related legal services in an organized, efficient manner, which would be economically feasible for the average person.

Since 1976, the offices have been dedicated to providing these needed services to people who live in the Eastern District of Missouri , basically the Eastern half of the state, including St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Jefferson, St. Francois, Franklin, St. Charles, Lincoln, and Warren  Counties.  His offices initially offered a broad spectrum of civil services—divorce, bankruptcy, adoption, wills, and name changes.

Mr. Mullin was one of the first attorneys to advertise, first in newspapers, then radio and television.  He firmly believes that advertising is necessary to let the public know its rights.   Breaking new ground by listing prices for services was a crucial factor—people in need of these services no longer had to worry and wonder whether they could afford them of not.

In 1988, Mr. Mullin decided to concentrate his practice in the area of consumer bankruptcy, and was soon considered an area expert.  He has been quoted numerous times in not only local papers,  such as The Post Dispatch and the St. Louis Business Journal, but also in the Wall Street Journal, and  has been interviewed on both radio and television. He frequently helps give seminars on bankruptcy sponsored by the Missouri Bar Association. You can find copies of several articles in our section “Awards and Interviews”.

Since beginning his career, Mr. Mullin’s philosophy and goal  has been to deliver the highest quality of legal service in an efficient, economical fashion so as to be accessible to everyone.

When you come to the Law Offices of T. J. Mullin, you will see T. J. Mullin, not a paralegal or junior associate.

Your case is important to you and it is important to T. J. Mullin.

Educational Background

T. J. Mullin graduated from St. Louis University (AB 1970) Magna Cum Laude. During his junior year, he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, the most prestigious academic honor society in the U. S., honoring his scholastic achievements.

Mr. Mullin attended the University of Chicago Law School and received his Juris Doctorate Degree in 1973.

A member of the Reserve Officer Training Corp, he was commissioned as Regular Army Infantry Branch Officer in 1970 and transferred to the Judge Advocate General’s Corp after receiving his law degree.  He served as a Captain.  

Upon leaving active duty, Mr. Mullin was awarded the United States Army’s Meritorious Service Medal for services he performed while in the military.  Among his duties, he ran the Legal Assistance Office for military personnel.

Since opening his office in 1976 in Clayton, Missouri, Mr. Mullin has specialized in consumer law, originally handling divorces, wills, bankruptcies, and adoptions.   In 1989, he decided to limit his practice to Bankruptcy.   He is widely recognized as an expert in this field.

Awards and Interviews

Over the years, T. J. Mullin has been recognized by various media and the Bar Association as an expert in consumer bankruptcy law. He has written numerous articles on the subject for public and legal papers and journals, and in 2008 was selected by the Missouri Lawyer’s Weekly as the best lawyer for consumer bankruptcy matters.

In further recognition of his skills and standing within the community, the Missouri Bar Association honored him with the 'Michael Roser Excellence in Bankruptcy Practice Award' in 1997. He was the first consumer bankruptcy debtor's lawyer so honored with this prestigious award.


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